Midland Optometrist Provide Eye Care Hunters & Shooters

Midland Optometrist Provide Eye Care Hunters & Shooters

Eye Care for Hunters/Shooters

Many people who enjoy hunting and sport shooting rely heavily on their visual acuity. The majority of these sportsmen make sure they have the best equipment available to enhance their sport and stay safe. One thing that many hunters and shooters take for granted is sharp vision and protecting their eyes with prescription sports or hunting glasses. In Michigan, your Midland Optometrist can provide the best prescription possible to protect your eyes and help you fully enjoy your sport of choice.


It is possible to actually improve the practice of your sport by making sure your vision is the best it can be. Consider scheduling your annual eye examination with your Midland Optometrist about a month before the hunting season begins. This will allow your eye doctor to ensure your current vision is at its optimum, and if not, the Midland Optometrist can prescribe the proper corrective lenses so your vision is not holding you back from becoming a sharp shooter.


Protecting your eyes from potential hazards while hunting or shooting is extremely important. If you hunt during the cold season, it is important to safeguard your eyes from extreme weather and outdoor hazards. Your Midland Optometrist can prescribe protective glasses that will keep your eyes safe while you participate in your sport. These lenses and frames usually cover your eyes completely and provide some shelter from changing light levels. Typically, they are constructed of materials that prevent lenses from breaking or shattering upon impact, which will shield your eyes in case of an accident or fall.


Even those who take pleasure in the sport of shooting at both indoor and outdoor ranges, or those who partake in the sport of archery, can benefit greatly from protective prescription lenses with appropriate frames. Make sure the enjoyment of your sport isn’t cut short by an eye injury or poor vision that could have been prevented or corrected. Contact your Midland Optometrist today to schedule an appointment to have your vision checked and get your prescription for protective eye glasses promptly.

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