Mt. Pleasant Eye Doctor Discusses Vision App

Mt. Pleasant Eye Doctor Discusses Vision App

brainAccording to a recent study conducted with 19 baseball players using a new app called UltimEyes, it is possible to retrain your brain to identify objects at a distance better. It is important to note that this does not change your actual vision, but instead retrains your brain to process fuzzy images better, helping to compensate for a lack of visual acuity at a distance. According to the study, the baseball players reported and demonstrated an average of 31% improvement after the use of the app at 25-minute intervals after 30 times. In fact, one of the players did so well that he was able to identify items at a distance of 20 feet that other people could only see at 7.5 feet, which is considered to be 20/7.5 vision (20/20 is perfect vision). However, before using this or other apps that claim to improve vision, it is important to make an appointment with one of the Traverse Vision eye doctors available in Mt. Pleasant, Traverse City and Midland, MI.


Your eye doctor can help to improve your actual vision then allowing you to get the maximum benefit out of a brain training vision tools you choose to experiment with.



This particular app was developed by Aaron Seitz, a Neuroscientist with the Riverside campus of the University of California. According to Peggy Series, a Neuroscientist from the University of Edinburgh who did an interview for Popular Mechanics regarding this scientific research, “these results are, in fact, very similar to what’s already been proven in the lab.” The app works by exercising and retraining the brain to more effectively recognize fuzzy objects–which does not actually improve your eyes. In other words, it is a brain retraining technique, not a vision correction technique. Therefore, it is still imperative to see one of the highly-trained Traverse Vision optometrists Mt. Pleasant, Traverse City and Midland has to offer.


At this time, there is no app that can replace the care that an annual eye exam brings when provided by reputable eye doctors. An optometrist can not only identify a health issues with your eyes and provide corrective treatment they can also identify early symptoms of a wide variety of cardiovascular diseases though a painless comprehensive eye exam.


If you are looking to improve your vision and are interested in using one of these apps, contact your local Traverse Vision optometrist first to schedule a comprehensive eye examination and then give brain training a try – you’ll have nothing to loose. 

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