Mt. Pleasant Eye Doctor Shares Tips to Protect Your Eyes

Mt. Pleasant Eye Doctor Shares Tips to Protect Your Eyes

Mt. Pleasant Eye Doctor RitterBelieve it or not, it is just as important to protect your eyes during the cold winter months in Northern Michigan as it is to protect any other areas of the body. Most residents of cold and snowy states would not consider going out in the middle of the winter without a coat, boots, hat, gloves, and a scarf; but not many consider the damage that is being done to their eyes at this time. In fact, most people take better care of their eyes by using sunglasses in the summer than they do in the harsh and dry months of the winter. Your eyes are at a much higher risk for damage in the winter. Your Mt. Pleasant eye doctor can help make sure your eyes are protected year round with an annual eye exam and wise advice.


Potential winter eye damage includes:

  • Severe dry eyes

  • Increased risk of eye infections, including viral and bacterial pink eye

  • Sun/light damage from the harsh glare of sunlight off the snow

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Blurred Vision

  • Intense eye pain


There are many great ways to protect your eyes in the winter. Here are some tips from your Mt. Pleasant eye doctors that can help.

  • Use Protective Eyewear – Most people think it is unnecessary or even silly to wear sunglasses during the winter months. However, this is an incorrect assumption. In fact, the fuller the eyewear in the winter, the better. Protective eyewear will decrease the damaging glare of the sun and keep the dry and damaging harsh winds from hitting your eyes. At the very least, sunglasses are recommended; and for better protection winter eye goggles are a must. For those participating in winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling, tubing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow fishing, or hockey, it is imperative to shield your eyes with crack and shatterproof winter goggles.
  • Increase the Humidity in your Home – Extremely dry air can cause serious dry eye problems and make your eyes more susceptible to viruses and bacteria that run rampant in the winter. Increasing the humidity in your home allows your eyes to recover and stay moist, thus reducing your risk of illness as well as short- and long-term damage.

  • Don’t Touch Your Eyes Most people who are suffering from dry eyes experience itching or discomfort. This leads to more rubbing of the eyes, thereby increasing the risk of infection. Make sure that if you need to touch your eyes, your hands are clean, and try to avoid rubbing them.

  • A Healthy Diet – As with all suggestions for overall health, fruit and veggies play a huge role. Make sure you are getting all your daily servings of the good stuff, including plenty of water, and consider taking a daily multivitamin. These steps help to ensure that your eyes are getting the proper vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and hydration they need to stay healthy.

There are many important reasons to protect your eyes all year round. Contact your Mt. Pleasant eye doctor today to schedule an annual exam and get your questions answered about keeping your eyes healthy in the winter. 

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