Sharp Vision Gives Athletes an Edge

Sharp Vision Gives Athletes an Edge

AthletesConsidering spring is literally around the corner and summer is soon to follow, many people are getting geared up to participate in the sports and activities of the season, including soccer, softball, baseball, golf, outdoor swimming, tennis, hiking, disc golf, rock climbing, boating, fishing, and camping to name a few.  Let’s face it; having the best vision possible makes all of these activities (and many more) safer and more enjoyable. Making an appointment to see your Traverse Vision, Midland eye doctor can help you make sure you are ready for seasonal fun.


Furthermore, if you are considered a competitive athlete, sharp vision can give you a real edge. It is also important to make sure you have safe and effective eyewear when participating in your sport or activity of choice. For instance, if you play outdoor baseball, tennis, soccer, or golf, you will want to make sure you have Transition lenses that provide UV protection. This lens addition allows your sports glasses to act as sunglasses in midday sunlight, while adjusting as the sun goes down for those late evening games and events. You also want to consider having sports glasses that will not shatter or damage your face if you are hit with a ball or object and that stay on your face with the use of a sports strap. Your Midland eye doctor will ensure you have the best, most current prescription and make recommendations that will meet your needs when participating in sports and other activities.


Regardless of your sport or pastime, having the best possible vision makes everything safer and more fun. If you are a competitive swimmer, it is always best to use goggles that allow you to wear your corrective lenses or contacts underneath. It may even be possible to get prescription swim goggles. If you are a bird watcher or hiker, it is to your benefit to see well both close-up and at a distance. Most people would not let their children participate in sports and activities without the proper safety-equipment, including eye protection. It is important to make sure you also take the same precautions, which could very well give you an edge and allow you to improve your game. Contact your Traverse Vision, Midland eye doctor today to schedule an appointment for a vision check today.  

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