Smart Phones May be Stressing Your Eyes

Smart Phones May be Stressing Your Eyes

smart phoneIt is not uncommon for people to spend many hours a day in front of a computer or smart device screen. Although this keeps us connected to the rest of the world, it is likely damaging our vision at the same time. It is especially important for people in front of screens for an hour or more a day to get regular annual check-ups with an optometrist to ensure their eyes are not being overly taxed.


Annual eye exams will help ensure that your vision is being properly monitored by an optometrist. Midland, MI patients, and those in surrounding MI areas, should be aware that these devices can cause eyestrain and that viewing information in the dark can actually cause eye muscles to over contract. This can lead to eyestrain. It is possible that with the use of prescription lenses, along with some safety tips your optometrist will recommend, you can protect your vision while you are using modern technology to stay in contact with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances.


If you have started to notice the symptoms of changing eyes like blurred vision, squinting, sensitivity to light, dry eyes, headaches, eyestrain it is important to make an appointment right away to see your optometrist. Midland residents can rest assured that their eyes are protected from damage by following these recommendations. While using all the latest and greatest technology, it is important to follow certain safety tips to keep eyes safe and healthy.


  • Increase the size or font of what you are viewing to make sure you do not squint to see the screen.


  • Use proper light when working on computers and technological devices. Do not work in the dark or under low lighting, as this will cause increased eye muscle strain.


  • Try to take a break from the computer or smart device screen for a couple of minutes after every 15 to 20 minute interval. Take a moment to blink a few times, as this helps produce the natural tears your eyes need to stay moist and healthy.


If it has been a while since your last eye exam, make an appointment today with your Traverse Vision, Midland optometrist today or visit one of our other Michigan locations in Mt. Pleasant or Traverse City.


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