Sports Vision Care

Sports Vision Care

If you are an athlete and want to improve your game, consider making an appointment with an eye doctor in Traverse City, MI today. Believe it or not, even small corrections in vision can have a huge impact on your game. Small adjustments to make your eyesight better can increase hand-eye coordination, increase depth perception, help increase your field of vision, and allow you to see better both close up and at a further distance. These skills are extremely necessary in a huge variety of sports including softball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, boating, fishing, racing, climbing, hockey, gymnastics, dance, as well as many other less common activities.

It is also necessary to have the right corrective lenses in the proper type of frame to keep glasses on your face during the sport and to keep eyes as safe as possible. There are many options for corrective eyewear for sports enthusiasts, including shatterproof glasses that strap on your head, goggle-type glasses that allow for both primary and peripheral vision correction, and special types of contact lenses that can be easily worn during certain sporting activities such as swimming.

The best place to get started to obtain the best vision correction possible for sporting activity is your eye doctor in Traverse City, MI. The optometrist will provide an eye exam and let you know whether or not your vision can be improved with corrective lenses. If vision corrections are necessary, your eye doctor will provide the proper prescription and suggestions as to what might be best for your particular sport. You can then choose the best option when getting your prescription filled and having your new eyewear crafted.

If you participate in regular sports and have not needed vision correction in the past, it is still imperative to get regular annual eye examinations. This examination can detect much more than just vision changes. It is often your first line of defense against chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. It is possible for your vision to change from year to year, and the annual examination will help you make sure your vision is still perfect. Contact an eye doctor in Traverse City, MI today to ensure that your body and your eyes are as healthy as they can be.

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