Traverse City Eye Doctor Discusses Tablets

Traverse City Eye Doctor Discusses Tablets

Are They Hurting Your Child’s Vision?

tabletsWe have all known for the last few decades that technology is our future. Let’s face it; our future is now here! For many parents, this is extremely evident. Our children know how to use our laptops, mobile devices, and tablets more effectively and efficiently than we do. When a five or six-year-old can show you how to add apps, capture images, and program your phone and tablet, it is extremely obvious that the future of technology has arrived. Imagine what it will look like 20 years from now when the next generation is brought into the world.


One question many concerned parents have is will a lifetime of screen time have a negative impact on our children’s health? 


  • In particular will their vision be harmed?
  • How much screen time is too much time?


Traverse City, MI optometrist Julie Runstom, OD addresses some of these concerns.


The first step is to ensure that your child has proper vision care.  If your child hasn’t had a vision exam recently call Traverse Vision. We can perform comprehensive eye examinations for everyone in the family, including the children, to identify and address any existing issues screen related or otherwise.   


The fact is that screen time has gone up a great deal compared to when we were children, and there is no question that extended time in front of a digital screen can stress your eyes. Anyone who’s worked a long day in front of the computer can relate to the feeling.


Considering that 80% of all learning is visual before the age of twelve, it is important that we recognize the problem. As with adults, increased time in front of a computer screen of any type does lead to an increased risk of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Furthermore, in children–whose eyes are changing and developing at a much higher rate– it also leads to an increase in crossed eyes and CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). Your eye doctor in Traverse City, MI, can give you recommendations on the amount of screen time appropriate for your child, as well as ways to prevent these visual problems.


Your Traverse Vision eye doctor in Traverse City, MI, will likely recommend a limited amount of time per day, as well as a limited amount of time per occurrence. This will depend on your child’s age, daily routine, and current vision. Other techniques to help decrease eye damage for people of all ages include reducing screen glare with the use of a screen protector and keeping the device at a distance to decrease eye, neck, and shoulder strain. Good ergonomics is important when using electronic and digital devices. Help protect the vision of everyone in your family by scheduling an appointment with your Traverse Vision Traverse City optometrist today. 

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