Traverse City Optometrist Explains Ocular Melanoma

Traverse City Optometrist Explains Ocular Melanoma

Traverse City MI optometristOcular melanoma (aka: choroidal or uveal melanoma) is a type of cancer of the eye that can be deadly if it is left unchecked. It is highly treatable with great results if it is caught early, but in cases where it is not, it spreads over half the time and has about an 85% mortality rate. It is imperative to have regular eye examinations by a trusted optometrist. Traverse City, MI, residents can schedule an appointment with a local Traverse Vision eye doctor to have a comprehensive examination to identify any illness or injuries that need to be addressed.


Many people suffering from ocular melanoma are completely symptom-free while others just experience minor vision changes like blurriness, a slight loss in vision, and eye discomfort. People experiencing any change in vision at all should make an immediate appointment with an optometrist. Traverse City, MI, eye doctors are trained to detect the causes of eye changes and treat them quickly and efficiently.


The cells of the eyes that mutate to cause this type of cancer are those that provide color or pigment. The same type of cells can cause melanoma of the skin, as they also give your hair and skin its color and form moles. Although it has yet to be determined what exactly causes this cancer, it is likely that extensive exposure to UV rays from the sun and man-made UV lights increases the risk. Therefore, it is vitally important to protect your eyes from exposure to these rays by wearing sun glasses and using UV- dampening screens or tints on windows to protect pigment cells from damage. People who have red hair, fair skin, blue-eyes, and/or freckles are at the highest risk for this cancer, as are people with a large number of moles (over 100). If you have had another type of melanoma, such as of the skin, you are also at higher risk for ocular melanoma. It is important to take preventative measures to protect yourself; one of the best ways is by having regular eye exams with your optometrist. Traverse City, MI, residents can make appointments at Traverse Vision at least annually for vision check-ups. When identified early this type of cancer is highly treatable with great results. It is possible to save your vision and your life through early detection.


Don’t neglect your vision and your overall health make sure to visit your Traverse City optometrist as least once a year for a comprehensive eye exam. 

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